Psychiatric Services


A full psychiatric evaluation is performed for all new patients. The purpose of this assessment is to formulate an initial understanding of the nature of the current problem and to discuss the beginnings of a treatment plan. Generally, this involves a detailed review of the current situation as well as an exploration of past experiences. At times, the initial assessment may include contact with past or current treatment providers, meetings with family members or significant others (with the patient’s consent), medical/lab testing or other inquiries.


Psychiatric medications can have powerful effects in reducing suffering and improving quality of life. For many people, medications are a temporary bridge, relieving symptoms as they work toward achieving more lasting change. For others, ongoing maintenance medicine may be needed to correct an underlying chemical imbalance, reestablishing an individual’s true self.

Dr. Ellman believes that it is essential to have a full evaluation prior to starting any course of medicine. There are many classes of psychiatric medications and finding the correct one is important for achieving clinical effectiveness and avoiding symptomatic worsening.


Psychiatric symptoms often result from unacknowledged aspects of the self or from maladaptive resolutions to psychological conflict. These can persist in an individual over time, draining energy and attention, and creating recurring symptoms or behaviors that don’t seem to make sense.

Psychotherapy involves a safe, confidential relationship through which the patient can experience previously unapparent aspects of the self and find positive resolutions to psychological or interpersonal conflicts. This process often reduces symptoms, and allows patients to refocus their attention and energy. Frequently, patients report a sense of relief and renewed hope when they are able experience themselves and others in new ways. Often, patients are able to grow and progress in their lives after long periods of feeling “stuck”. Dr. Ellman has experience with a variety of psychotherapeutic modalities so that treatment can be tailored to the specific needs of each patient.